What equipments do you need in playing field hockey?

What equipments do you need in playing field hockey?

Field hockey is a known sport that is being played in different countries. It is the second biggest team sport. But the origin of the sport is traceable to early civilizations, the modern type of the game is from the British Isles in the mid-1800s. Now the sports are popular and it is present in the regional club. It has different tournaments by the club, invitation, or province. Ritual Hockey is not only for older adults but ideal for children, adults, and students who are welcome to play the game.

When you are part of the team, there are pieces of equipment in the game that you need to have to start playing. These are the buying guide to help you know what you need to have during the game. Also, it ensures that you are getting the right gear.

Before you can start playing on the field you need to use the right gear for playing and practicing. Buying the right equipment for the game means you can enjoy the game while you are safe and playing well. These are the list of gear that you need to buy.


Stick is one of the important pieces that you have in the game. You have to look for sticks that fit your height, comfort, position, and level of playing. There are certain ways and recommendations for getting the right stick that you need in the game.

Electrical tape

You can make a stick to give more protection from the damage by wrapping the end using electrical tape. When you are a beginner it can help you to control the ball.

Ritual Hockey


The standard use and wear, your stick will have to lose its grip once you play multiple times. And lucky on your side it is not hard to change it but you need to buy a new handle to grip while you are playing.


Since you are playing on the field, you need to have the perfect shoes to wear. Wearing cleats is one of the best shoes that are ideal for grass fields because it gives you the best control. You can buy turf shoes that are ideal for artificial fields. You can also wear court shoes that are good for indoor games where you need to have an additional grip.



In the game, it is about physical contact and there is a chance that you have an accidental collision. Since you are running you can use a mouthguard to avoid any injury to prevent any unexpected pop-ups.

Shin guards

Since you are wearing heavy sticks and balls it needs in the play to use shin guards to avoid any ankle to a knee injury. You don’t have to expect the same protection from the types of shin guards, so you have to ensure that you are buying the right one.